Postpartum Herbal Milk Bath Bombs | Natural DIY Postpartum Bath Bombs

Is there anything that combines fun and luxurious pampering like a bath bomb? Bath bombs are a great addition to a night of relaxation, and these bath bombs in particular, are perfect for the new mama.

With calendula flowers, red raspberry leaf tea, goat milk, and pure lavender essential oil, you'll be soothed and well on your way to healing from the miracle of giving birth to a precious little one.

Bath bombs can cost a pretty penny if bought, and you may not know what all has gone into them. This is a recipe using healing herbs, oils, and a few other natural ingredients that may already have on hand. So let's get started!

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WHAT YOU'LL NEED | Ingredients & Supplies

2 TBSP of mineral salt

1/2 cup of pure epsom salt

1 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup of corn starch

2 TBSP pure goat milk powder

1/2 cup citric acid

4 TBSP of herb infused oil (see recipe below)

water in spray bottle

bath bomb molds

For Healing Herb Infused Oil Recipe

1 cup of olive oil

1/4 cup calendula herb

1/4 cup red raspberry leaf tea

10 drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil

Here's an instructional video I put together to show you how easy these are to make!

INSTRUCTIONS | Let's Get Started!

STEP 01 | Make Healing Herb Infused Oil

You'll want to make your healing herb infused oil first. To do this, add roughly 1/4 cup of calendula herb and 1/4 cup red raspberry leaf tea a glass jar, such as a mason jar. Then, add olive oil to the jar until the herbs are well-covered. It may come to about a cup of olive oil.

Place this jar in a saucepan or slow-cooker that has been filled half-way with water. You're going to set the temperature to low. If using a saucepan, allow at least two hours for the herbs to infuse the oil. If using a slow-cooker, consider infusing the herbs for 24hrs and up to 48hrs for the best infusion.

Once the oil has been infused with the herbs, you'll strain the herbs from the oil using a fine strainer or cheesecloth. Measure out two tablespoons of the oil and put in a separate container. To that, add about 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir well.

STEP 02 | Mix Dry Ingredients Together

Combine the mineral salt, epsom salt, baking soda, corn starch, goat milk powder, and citric acid in a large bowl. Mix well. You may sift ingredients together for better mixing, but it's not necessary.

STEP 03 | Carefully, Add Wet Ingredients

Add the two tablespoons of healing herb infused oil that you had set aside to the dry ingredients. Mix well, working out any clumps that form as best you can (they may not fully go away, and that's okay).

Next, using a spray bottle containing water, spray water into this mixture while stirring quickly. (Important: Adding too much water at once may cause a reaction between the baking soda and citric acid, so you'll want to add a little water at a time while mixing it in rapidly).

The goal is to create a consistency of wet sand that will easily clump together in your hand and hold its shape. (Tip: When mixing, I like to switch between using a spoon and my hand in order to have a better feel for how the texture in coming along.)

Once you feel the consistency is right, it's time to form your bath bombs! Using your bath bomb molds, fill each mold with mixture and loosely pack it in. Then, combine the two molds together to form a ball.

Let your ball sit undisturbed for five minute before removing your mold and placing your newly formed bath bomb aside to dry for an additional 24 hours.

How many bath bombs you're able to make depends on the size of the molds you're using.

To use your bath bombs, simply add to a warm bath, relax, and enjoy!

While these bath bombs are a great treat for yourself postpartum, they would also make a wonderful gift to someone you know who is expecting.

Here are some free printable labels to add a professional touch to your homemade project.

Enjoy, and congratulations!



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