Natural DIY Sitz Bath Salts & Tea

Anyone who has been through labor and delivery before will tell you, the postpartum struggle is real! Hemorrhoids are not a glamorous thing to talk about, but let's be honest, they are all too common an occurrence with all of the pushing and bearing down that takes place during delivery.

A sitz bath can offer amazing relief postpartum for not only hemorrhoids, but for perineal tears as well.

A sitz bath is simply a low bath with very warm water that offers soothing relief and promotes blood circulation to this delicate area which promotes healing. You can give your sitz bath a boost with healing herbs, salts, and essential oils. Here are two recipes to try in your sitz bath:

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2 cups of epsom salts 10 drops lavender essential oil 10 drops frankincense essential oil

To make, mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container (preferably glass).

To use, add a 1/4 cup of salts to a low bath containing very warm water, or to a sitz bath that sits on top of your toilet, such as this one.


To make, simply mix 1 cup red raspberry leaf tea to 1 cup calendula herb. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

To use, brew tea using boiling water and a loose leaf tea strainer such as this one. Add to your bath tub, keeping the water low to address your perineal area, or use a sitz bath that sits on top of your toilet, such as this one.

And here's a little video I put together to show you how easy it is to make these items at home using all natural ingredients.

Here are your FREE printables labels. (You must be on a PC to access this document).

I hope these recipes make your postpartum recovery period more comfortable for you so that you can better enjoy every precious moment with your new little one!

With love,


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