Holiday Deep Cleaning Challenge 2018 | An Invitation | Free Holiday Deep Cleaning Checklist

Welcome to my 2018 Holiday Deep Cleaning Challenge! I know with the holidays upon us, it's easy to get absorbed in the seemingly endless list of tasks that need to get done. I created this challenge to help bring a little inspiration and motivation to the process. After all, mundane tasks become a lot easier, and not to mention more fun, when done with a friend, right?

I think the important thing to remember is that getting our homes clean, tidy, and organized is simply setting the scene for beautiful connections to take place. Let's forget about perfectionism and focus on the heart of hosting which is making others feel wanted and loved. That is what hospitality and the holidays are all about!

I've got some free printables that will hopefully make the process a little easier and a Spotify playlist here that will help keep you going in the holiday vibes. Here's a rundown on the challenge:

THE CHALLENGE | Let's whip our homes into shape so that when our loved ones come to visit, we can focus on spending time with them and not worrying about the state of our homes.

For this challenge, we are dividing our homes into four key areas (those that our guests may access) to deep clean, organize, and make more welcoming.

You can choose one area to focus on per week or you can work on one per day - really, however you want to tackle this. I think one, maybe two, areas per week is the least stressful option, but if time isn't on your side, you can totally do this challenge in "blitz week" fashion.

*Download all of the following printable daily challenge sheets here. (This link may not be accessed on a mobile device, but you can download the image files below by right-clicking to save).


Day one focuses on the areas that create a first impression. Now, when I say first impression, I'm not wanting the focus to be on "impressing." That's way too much pressure. ;-) Mainly, we're focusing on the first "feeling" that someone gets when coming to our homes. The goal, at least for me, is to help my guests (my friends and family) to feel warmly welcomed right from the start.

The first five tasks are for the front door/front porch area. I know there's not a clear delineation here on the printout, which I hope is not confusing!

Here's a motivational video that walks you through this first zone.


Day two focuses on bringing our friends in, helping them to get settled and comfortable.

We're working in our living spaces. This could be a formal sitting area, a relaxed den, or wherever you plan to sit, chat, or play games.

Here's a motivational video that walks you through the second zone.


Day three focuses on the heart of the home, the kitchen. We're making this space ready for guests to feel comfortable in helping themselves to refreshments such as coffee, snacks, a drink of water, etc.


Day four focuses on the bathrooms and the guest room (should you be expecting any overnight guests).


And here's a little daily task list to help keep things tidy and encourage continual soiree!

I invite you to connect with me on Instagram throughout this challenge. You'll be able to see how my challenge is coming along through my Instagram Stories @lovelythingswithabby.

Feel free to tag me on that platform in any of your photos for this challenge! So glad we can work on this together. =)

Love always,


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