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Becoming parents has been one of the greatest things that Ben and I have done together, but "date nights" have been a challenge since our little Sophia was born nearly 18 months ago. While we were pretty happy as homebodies well before her arrival, our once-in-a-blue-moon-dates became no dates at all.

Half a year ago, I came across Date Night In Boxes. It's a date night, delivered. This seemed like a way to bring date night back; and honestly, being the snuggle-at-home types, looked like something we'd enjoy pre or post baby. I couldn't wait to try the service with my hubby!

It's been six months now of receiving our Date Night In boxes, each being so unique and fun. Today, I want to share with you one of our recent Date Night In Boxes.

One of the biggest thrills of getting a DNI box, is being surprised each month with a totally unique theme that includes a suggested menu, a Spotify playlist, an itinerary, tasty treat, plus everything you need to enjoy an intimate and fun evening together.

I'm always amazed at how the DNI team combines play with romance in each date.

This month's theme was Easy Like a Sunday Morning (you're singing right now, aren't you?).

THE FOOD | Before we received our box, we got an e-mail from the DNI team with a suggested menu of blood orange mimosas or sparkling juice, kale and goat cheese scrambled eggs, candied bacon, and Belgian waffles. Mmm, mmm.

Since we had our date after dinner, we kept our evening snack simple by enjoying the included Belgian waffles and syrup (with added fresh blueberries) and tropical ginger tea by Tea Drops. We LOVED both!

This is the second time DNI has partnered with Jacquet pastries for our date treat and, oh my, so delicious!

The tea was also a unique treat. We had never experienced "dissolving tea" before.

THE SETTING | When we first started doing date nights at home, we set up our soiree in either the living room or kitchen, but for the last two dates, we've been in the bedroom. Our bedroom is sort of our little sanctuary. We've worked to make it cozy and a place we really enjoy being.

The bedroom was especially fitting for this date! We turned on our twinkle lights above the bed, I prepared a tray with our treats, we snuggled under the covers, and reminisced of the days we got to sleep in, cuddle, and yes, even sometimes, enjoy breakfast in bed.

THE MOOD | The playlist for this date was amazing! Songs like Come Away With Me by Norah Jones, Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, and Clockwise by Dylan Dunlap, served as the perfect mood enhancing soundtrack to help us relax and connect. You can actually listen to the playlist for free here. You're welcome. :)

THE BOX | Beyond the all-natural Jacquet waffles, 100% pure maple syrup, and organic pressed tea, we found our itinerary (presented in a fun, newspaper-like style), two mini pencils, two dice, and two essential oil wipes.

Here's a look at our itinerary, photos courtesy of Date Night In Boxes:

Inside we found our recommended menu, including recipes, some fun games (hence the dice), conversation questions, and some food for thought.

I also love how DNI includes a giveaway opportunity with each date! This month's giveaway was a Message Envy gift certificate.

And finally, it's always so fun to see pictures on social media of other couples enjoying the same date in their unique ways!

If you've been in the same boat as Ben and I, and are wanting to bring date night back, you can learn more about Date Night In subscription boxes by clicking on my partnership link here!

Enjoy making memories with your sweetie!



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