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Healing Postpartum Milk Bath Bombs | The Handcrafted Apothecary

Postpartum Herbal Milk Bath Bombs This recipe includes healing calendula flowers, red raspberry leaf tea, goat milk, and pure lavender essential oil to help you recover postpartum. spray bottlebath bomb moldsslow cooker (optional) Bath Bomb Ingredients2 tbsp mineral salt1/2 cup pure epsom salt1 cup baking soda1/2 cup corn starch2 tbsp pure goat milk powder1/2 cup citric acid4 tbsp herb infused olive oil For Healing Herb Infused Oil1 cup olive oil (or oil of choice)1/4 cup calendula herb1/4 cup red raspberry leaf tea10 drops 100% pure lavender essential oil (optional) Make Your Healing Herb Infused OilYou'll want to make your healing herb infused oil first. To do ...

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