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How to Make a Boho-Chic Macrame Wall Hanging | Handcrafted Home Decor

Sometimes I'll buy a thing to display in my home simply because it's cute, but my romantic ideal when it comes to home decor is to either scout out and purchase commemorating art from my travels or to handcraft a sweet, little something. The first option is fun for the memory it celebrates, while the second option continues to inspire creativity even after the project is completed. (oh my heart!) Today I'm sipping on a delicious cup of tea and crafting this lovely, boho-chic wall hanging using just macrame cord and a stick. It so amazes me how simple cord can be made into a real work of art! If you'd like to learn how I made this, you can tune into my latest YouTube video ...

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Why I Left Social Media for a Year + What Made Me Come Back

  I LEFT Well, this is awkward. Its been over a year since I seriously and consistently engaged on social media. The reason I didn't make an official announcement about leaving the online world is because it wasn't something I planned to do. It just happened. WHY I LEFT So why did I leave?  firstly | 2020 was just a bit overwhelming The division online was simply too much.  Between the content highlighting the worldwide crazy and the content almost ignoring it completely, I somehow found myself frustrated with both. While I didn't choose escapism entirely, I needed space and time to think - to process. secondly | I had moved into an RV full-time and was ...

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